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WhyWhy do small businesses require external IT professionals to deliver IT consultancy and computer support when almost everything else is done in-house? Although some basic IT activities can be done by non IT professionals, to make proper and full use of computer technology, an IT professional really is required - IT professionals not only understand which components are required for what, but more importantly, why each component needs configuring in a certain way.

One of the reasons why Simply Better IT are the best IT professionals for you, is that we not only understand how best to use each IT component, but we also understand that the right technical solution must facilitate business processes rather than business processes having to facilitate any technical solutions. However, when useful to the business outcome, those processes should be changed and Simply Better IT are adept at spotting where such changes can and should be made.

With backgrounds in multinational outsourcing environments as well as small businesses, Simply Better IT consultants are skilled at analysing the business processes of a wide variety of organisations. Due to the internal commercial constraints imposed by those organisations, many of the benefits achievable by the reworking of their IT infrastructure and/or business processes often can't be easily or quickly realised. Simply Better IT exist to deliver the promise of IT technology to those that really want it - more often that not, the small business community.

If you're a small business and want to use technology better, request our assistance now.

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