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Efficiency and EffectivenessImproving efficiency by using technology better is crucial to small businesses. Whilst their competition may have individual personnel dedicated to particular roles, small businesses tend to have people juggling the fulfilment of many roles. Efficiency from effective use of technology can benefit small businesses by facilitating a variety of business processes to be delivered by the same personnel multitasking a variety of roles. Competitive advantage can be acheived by the better use of technology for the right personnel who are able to multitask in their sleep.

Without the time or resources to afford full-time staff for each role, most people have to multitask - some many times over. Consequently, the IT and computer services role is often picked up by someone who has other roles and responsibilities, and generally seen as a distraction from those other roles. What small businesses really need is the IT role to be fulfilled by an IT professional able to advise on and deliver the IT infrastructure appropriate to their business needs. This requires an intimate understanding of what is required for the business, along with an understanding of the technical solutions available to deliver the required IT infrastructure.

Simply Better IT best serve the needs of small businesses when we fulfil the role of an in-house IT professional, whilst working to improve the skills and knowledge of the staff actually charged with doing the role in-house. This requires that the relationship between Simply Better IT and the small businesses we deliver IT services to, needs to be a completely trusted one.

To this end, we look to pick up most of our engagements through recommendations, but are open to other ways of establishing such trust quickly. Clarity of what is required on both sides of the relationship is key. What we offer is made clear throughout this website, and an equally open assessment of what you can offer is welcome.

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