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WhereSimply Better IT is based in New Mills, Derbyshire - just 17 miles South of Manchester. Whilst we currently provide most of our IT consultancy services to clients in London and Manchester, we are looking to enhance the number and range of clients based locally in the High Peak, Derbyshire. To this end, we can offer more attractive rates to businesses located in the High Peak area.

Given that the IT infrastructure we deploy allows remote administration, it is possible to provide IT consultancy and support services to small businesses in a variety of locations. Indeed, we even provide consultancy and support to businesses that require satellite links for Internet connections. Where Simply Better IT add value is not from physical proximity, but through combining our trusted and integrated role in your buisiness processes with our sophisticated understanding of IT infrastructure in all its complexities.

Where our clients are is only really important in as much as it helps us understand how to help them get to the place they want to be. Only where small businesses have IT professionals allowing them to use better technology and that technology better, do they begin to acheive what they really want to from their business processes. Where small business processes need changing we can help deliver the technical infrastructure to facilitate that change.

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