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DocumentationLarge businesses usually have teams of IT professionals responsible for Computer, Server and Network Support across their organisation. Most small businesses lack the resources to be able to employee an IT professional full-time, and usually rely on staff without adequate training to implement and/or manage their IT infrastructure. The importance of documentation of IT infrastructure is missed by small businesses. Simply Better IT, based in New Mills, Derbyshire, are an IT consultancy providing computer support to small businesses. As part of the way we deliver computer support, we provide a full documentation of the way each component of a computer network is configured. We also document the way each component fits together in its entirity.

This documentation service could be delivered outside of a broader IT consultancy and support contract, but if you have a need for documenting your IT infrastructure you should probably think more seriously about engaging us more broadly. Although based in the High Peak, Simply Better IT can provide documentation and computer support services anywhere with remote access. Case Studies, Generic configuration and infrastructure setup documents. Technologies used, Market Sectors, What market do Simply Better IT operate in? Using technology to facilitate and improve business processes

Books that may help get you started on some of the issues involved:

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