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Use Email technology for better performanceEmail has become the main form of communication between customers and businesses, and between businesses, so having a reliable and efficient Email system is increasingly essential for a modern business to function effectively. Flowing from having your own Domain Name, reliable Internet connection, network and server infrastructure, using a structured Email database will allow you to do collaborative operations like calendar checking - whether in the office or remotely.

Simply Better IT can assist in establishing a more professional approach to Email through registering a Domain Name to match your business name or function, and subsequently using that in Email format for your business. By far the best solution is the hosting of your own Email server using that Domain Name.

Initially small businesses will probably have started using Email from the free POP3 Email accounts provided by ISPs along with Internet connections. However, these are problematic in that they are not only very amateur looking, but more seriously tied to a continued relationship with an ISP that is perhaps not a good performer. Additionally, there are usually problematic limitations associated with such POP3 accounts.

Spam filtering is something that can be provided external to your site and Internet connection, protecting your infrastructure and saving you Internet bandwidth as the spam or infected Emails can be filtered before they even reach your network.

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