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TrainingSimply Better IT believe in being well trained and certified in the widest possible scope of technology used today. Being well trained and certified, we are not only able to advise on and deliver the IT infrastructure you require, but are also able to offer training to the people in small businesses responsible for the day to day management of that infratsructure. The IT training we offer covers hardware and software, and can be tailored to the specific requirements required and flows from understanding the needs of those businesses.

IT training for their employees is something that small businesses often don't feel prepared to fund, relying on the inventiveness of their employees to resolve or work round technical problems without incurring further costs. However, this is often false economy, as it reduces the efficiency of the employees who lack the technical training they require. Simply Better IT endeavour to involve small business employees responsible for their IT infrastructure in the configuration and management of that infrastructure as much as is practicable. Where appropriate, we are very keen to more formally train such employees in the technical side of their responsibility.

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