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AuditingUnlike large businesses where there are personnel & roles dedicated to managing the IT infrastructure, most small businesses have a fairly reactive approach to their computer and network setups. Just getting things working is often such a time consuming and frustrating activity for personnel without the right IT skills, that thinking through the wider setup issues or documenting how each component is configured is usually left for another day.

To support IT infrastructure effectively, it is vital that the infrastructure is well documented. Beyond support needs, to be able to reflect on how to improve the IT infrastructure is is essential to have a full assessment of what you have and how it all fits together. As part of the process of taking on full consultancy services, we would audit your existing infrastructure, but this can be provided as a service on its own.

The process of auditing IT infrastructure would be to analyse and document the network infrstructure, then to detail the configuration of each component part of the setup - for example, the configuration of network switches, broadband modem, firewalls, servers and PCs.

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